We have created a unique stone and wood board to make your cooking and serving more exquisite.

Stone board is a great way to impress your guests or the family members at the dinner as it is made of a grey artificial stone and acacia wood that will leave no traces when cutting the food and bring a unique note to serving your dinner.

Even a child can wash it

This stone board was created especially for those who have very little or no time to spend on washing the dishes as even a child can clean it in a minute without any hustle.

Ideal to serve different type of food

These days you won`t have to worry about how to prepare the celebrating table as our board is all you need, it will give your food a creative look without any additional tools.

Beautiful fruit platter

Have you used a regular plate to serve your fruits at the lunch or for a breakfast?!

Isn`t its boring ?!

We`ve got you covered!

Now you can serve all your desired berries and fruits just like that on the stone board and it`ll give you marvelous look just the way you wanted it.

Savage style

What could be better than to return to the time where we all lived in the caves, haunted mammoths and ate with no cutleries?!

Well now you have it, serve that fresh juicy steak on the stone board and make your dinner epic.